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Brother TZe-221 Genuine Black On White Tape

Brother TZe-221 9mm Black On White Tape 8m

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Genuine Brother TZe-221 Black On White Laminated Tape

TZe-221 laminated tape is 9mm wide and resistant to fading, temperature, chemicals and water. Features a strong adhesive backing.

Contains one 9mm x 8m tape cassette.

Suitable for All Brother P-touch Label Makers that take 9mm TZe tapes:

Brother PT1000,  PT1010,  PT1090BK,  PT1200,  PT1230PC,  PT1280,  PT1280DT,  PT1290,  PT1400,  PT1650,  PT1750,  PT1830,  PT1830SP,  PT1880,  PT1950,  PT2030,  PT2100,  PT2300,  PT2420PC,  PT2430PC,  PT2700,  PT2730,  PT300,  PT320,  PT330,  PT340,  PT3600,  PT540,  PT580C,  PT7100VP,  PT7600,  PT900,  PT9500PC,  PT9600,  PT9700PC,  PT9800PCN,  PTB300BT,  PTB300BT,  PTD200,  PTD210,  PTD400,  PTD450,  PTD600,  PTD800W,  PTE100VP,  PTE110VP,  PTE300VP,  PTE550WVP,  PTH105,  PTH300LI,  PTP700,  PTP710BT,  PTP750W,  PTP900W,  PTP950NW,  PTP910BT